Greatest Magazine

Greatest Magazine - Issue 03

Practice. Introspection. Discipline. Repetition. The third issue of Greatest focuses on preparation, ritual and performance. The intrinsic moments that lead to a culmination of concentrated output. A singer about to step onstage; a tattoo artist preparing his workspace; a chef duo opening their ninth restaurant; a young actor on set in Atlanta exploring all things strange. There are different methods and modes of preparation for any given performer, but regardless of title or occupation, there is always a path leading up to—greatness.
Actor Caleb McLaughlin graces the cover of Issue 03 paying homage to the greats who have come before him. In anticipation of the next season of Stranger Things, the rising star talks about his early start in acting (studying dance in Harlem, New York), self-confidence and sneakers.
Interviews with Shane Gonzalez, Dr. Woo, Kenneth Cappello,  Daniëlle Cathari, Yeti Out, Ama Lou and more.

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